Slowing the noise and negative replays with mindfulness meditation

I’ve been practicing  meditation for around six months now and openly admit to it changing my life. Not only am I able to better manage stress and outlook on negatives that come my way, but I’m better able to manifest and ponder upon the good things and what I want more of. You may have noticed too, [...]

Social media time management for small business

I was at a client meeting today with two lovely local business-people. We were discussing social media time-management, and they sprouted some figures that came out of a recent seminar that had been hosted in our region (facilitated by a national / international (?) organisation); these figures indicated that users of social media (for business) [...]

Back to college: my day at Google Campus

Most budding young entrepreneurs will agree, Google is an aspirational brand. Similarly, ‘tech’ is an intriguing industry for anyone who has grown up into the contemporary business landscape. This all being the case, most with a creative longing would jump at the chance, as I did, to hang out at a Google branded learning and working [...]