How to write, blog, create media now

Are you an aspiring writer, blogger, vlogger, journalist, editor or communications pro? Do you realise that thanks to digital technology, you don’t have to wait until you complete further studies (post school or career change) to get your foot in the door? You can write, blog, create media now! In fact, you really shouldn’t wait. [...]

Top 4 Personal Branding Tips

Personal branding is so important. How you present yourself on and offline can make a big difference to your chances of scoring that dream job! With a brand new Media Bootcamp kicking off in the digital space today, I wanted to address this critical element, that can often mean the difference between you being selected for a [...]

TBEX Ireland: my first travel blog conference

I’m presently hanging out at Dublin airport reflecting on my first travel blog conference experience. Appropriately the view outside of the floor to ceiling glass windows is all green: grass, trees and a fleet of Aer Lingus planes. The land of Guinness, leprechauns and lucky four-leaf clovers has really turned on the charm for me [...]