Travel blogger conference TBEX for writers and content producers

Ah TBEX travel blogger conference, my old friend. We met again this past weekend, in Spain, no less. My fiance would be jealous – lucky he came along this time! You’re a beautiful event – life-changing, many might say; and making a cameo at one of your spectacular soirees is becoming an annual pilgrimage for me. “Pilgrimage” is, [...]

What to do in Hastings, England

Don’t write this lovely little seaside area off, it’s absolutely worth your time. What to do in Hastings? History, creative experiences, shopping and yummy food await. What to do in Hastings: history Take a trip through time with us to Hastings, in Sussex, England. October 14, 1066 − a most famous date that changed the course of English [...]

How to start a travel blog – your complete guide

Over the past week I’ve been asked twice for advice on how to start a travel blog, so I figured perhaps it’s a useful subject to cover further here on TLL! The lovely ladies who enquired are both seasoned travellers and already have plenty of ideas as well as material which is ready to go as [...]