Back-road blogging – vote 1 Sarah Blinco!

Will you help make my travel blogging dream come true? The ultimate competition has just entered my online zone… an opportunity to blog for Escape Travel on a new trip into the heart of historical England. Wow (or in other words, Sugoi)! “If you have appreciated my stories or liked my photos, please pop a little shout-out for me as [...]

History and enchantment at Blencowe Hall, northern England

It’s amazing to know that in this day and age – following numerous wars, conflicts, industrial changes and migration to all corners of the world – that a medieval building like Blencowe Hall can be visited by me. Me, an Aussie living in London, coming back home, almost. I say ‘by me’ because Blencowe Hall belonged [...]

Expat Explore – we’re officially on assignment in Europe!

Today I received some very exciting news! Not only are we heading to Europe in August (my first trip there, can’t wait to see Prague and Amsterdam, Florence, Munich and Barcelona!) but the kind folk at Expat Explore (EE) have agreed to let me loose as their official travel reporter! So, as we experience the whole trip, [...]