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Do I have an unhealthy relationship with technology? My phone alarm went off at 6am this morning, followed by a ‘white screen of death’ – akin to the ‘blue screen of death’ that the PC has suffered from in the past (always at a time most inconvenient too). Following the ‘white screen of death’… nothing. My BlackBerry wouldn’t turn on. At all. 

Now, I tried to push the negative thoughts away that were starting to resemble a pattern along the lines of, ‘this isn’t a very good omen for 6 o’clock in the morning’, but gradually worry crept in. Then panic. I’m expecting new business calls today. Not to mention allllll the information – ie. my life – on there that’s not backed up. C$%P!! 

Coffee in one hand, mouse in the other, I desperately scrolled through forums online for help. I discovered (to some relief) that I am not the only person in history to experience this exact problem, and by all accounts it is a failed battery. Thank God, it actually was just the battery, and now I’m back online and personal meltdown has been averted – in regards to the phone, at least. 

Am I too reliant on technology? Yes. Am I alone? No. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it, just like most of our worldly relationships I guess. Sometimes I miss the ‘good old days’ (a mere 15 years ago) when there was less pressure to be mobile – efficient 24/7. That said, now that I’m used to living like this (healthy or not) – super-multi-tasking – I’ve made my peace with it… until it all crashes. I’d be happy to communicate the ‘old fashioned way’ via landline, if only I hadn’t left all my contact numbers in the device that no longer turned on. Time to stop procrastinating and figure out how to back this baby up. 

Have a great day all x