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Will you help make my travel blogging dream come true? The ultimate competition has just entered my online zone… an opportunity to blog for Escape Travel on a new trip into the heart of historical England. Wow (or in other words, Sugoi)!


“If you have appreciated my stories or liked my photos, please pop a little
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 as the new BACK-ROADS BLOGGER on Escape Travel’s Facebook page, or TWEET


As well as writing print magazine features, regular readers of Sugoi! know I’ve been blogging my journey for a good couple of years, from Australia to the UK, beautiful Canada through to officially blogging for Expat Explore‘s fabulous new 2011 26-day tour of Europe. I’ve done this partly as a record of some of the most amazing experiences of my life, but also because I genuinely like to share adventures, tips, stories and life: social media makes this so easy now, and I love it! I’m sad in some ways to actually be on my way home to the ‘real world’ (but obviously swiftly running out of dollars and it will be cool to see all the old crew(s) again); this trip would provide the ultimate in soul rejuvenation though – a journey back to the UK, and an adventure into the country’s historical centre: a land of legends, Vikings, Princesses… Oh, and I could write about it – brilliant (yep, fun in my world)!

If you’ve followed my adventures you will know that:

a) I *heart* the UK (and I’ve told you all about it on Facebook and Twitter). I fell in love with London but unfortunately due to time restrictions didn’t get to do as much exploring of England as I would have liked (so this trip would be an amazing opportunity to further explore).

b) I’m a nerd, so give me old castle ruins and a Knight’s tale any day over contemporary stories. I’ll also be sure to spin an interesting yarn based on a location like Nottingham, or Florence and Pisa (to name just a few), my motto being that it’s always good to learn something new every day!

c) I’m also not a teeny bopper anymore (although some may argue that I behave like one on occasion), and my fiancé and I do like the ‘finer things’, so if we can do style (or ‘style’ in an economical way) then we’re going to share the details on how you can do it too. Like all our travel adventures, we like to share stories that are beneficial to our circle’s demographic (30s, 40s, 50s+).

*****With all this in mind then, spare a small thought for social networking karma and if you have appreciated my stories or liked my photos, please pop a little shout-out for me and my worthiness to be the new BACK-ROADS BLOGGER on Escape Travel’s Facebook page, or TWEET with a note… Muchas Gracias x


PS – thanks for your votes, I won this! xx