All about assumptions

How to get over fear and out of your own way

Take a look around the office, or even various friendship or family circles, and I’ll bet you discover one or more people making assumptions that are making them miserable! Maybe it’s you doing the assuming?

If you perceive yours or a mate’s back is against the wall, maybe you should have a listen to this podcast today (play below).

Top take-aways

  • Remove judgement – look on situations, people and yourself in a neutral way; take judgement away, and remember, if you feel it creeping in, you can re-set your thought process at any given moment!
  • Stop and breathe.
  • Forgive – yourself and others. Give it a go, a weight will be lifted, I promise.
  • Expect that things will get better.
  • Begin to feel the healing.


1. 15 easy ways to relax in under five minutes, via

2. The 5 minutes breathing I suggested: start here and now, or download the Calm app to your phone

3. Innerspace is a beautiful UK-based organisation – go here and sign up for the daily Thought for Today – it will keep you centred and help bring you back to peace in a world that often seems to be filled with chaos.

4. Anything from Gabrielle Bernstein – here’s a helpful clip to get you started:


5. Sleep meditations – get your hands on them! They’re wonderful. Find a great resource here


By Sarah Blinco │ Feature image by Mr.OutdoorGuy, flickr creative commons

About the author: Sarah Blinco

Writer, editor and digital content manager – find me on social media @sarahblinco PS - if you found this piece helpful, I would be really grateful if you could take a moment to leave a comment below.

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