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Why spend your time here?

  • We create cool content about interesting places – be inspired to travel!
  • We’re experts on expat living and international travel, particularly for people over 30 years old. Getting your head around a new adventure; maybe we can help you?
  • We are communications professionals and digital nomads – here we teach about digital and social media for personal as well as business branding. There’s plenty of great advice to be found.

Apple entrepreneur, Steve Jobs said it best:

Life is about experiences travellivelearn



Us and you

  • This site is published by Sarah Blinco and Cooper Dawson, with special contributions by popular journalists and bloggers from all over the world.
  • We are Australian but currently based in London, UK.
  • Our readers (you!) mainly visit from Australia, UK, Europe and North America; an equal split of male and female, mostly aged 28 to 49.


Sarah Blinco and Cooper Dawson Travel Live Learn5 things to know about Sarah

  1. I’m a (crazy) dog person.
  2. I love blogging and am proud to have been named the national winner of the 2012 Escape Travel Australia backroads touring blogger competition, 2017 To Tuscany lifestyle travel blog winner and shortlisted in Australia’s Top 50 Digital Influencer Awards 2017.
  3. Online (all the time!) – a digital content pro, mediapreneur and passionate globe trekker. I once worked for my very favourite travel television series, Globe Trekker, managing digital content and its huge social media community of fans.
  4. A lover of creativity, words and pretty things.
  5. Meditation has changed my life and I highly recommend you give it a go.

5 things to know about Cooper

  1. Dog person (yep, Sarah and I are unapologetic about stalking puppies on the train, at the park, in the street…).
  2. School teacher.
  3. Enthusiastic multimedia and social media producer.
  4. I will try any food on my travels (except alfalfa – don’t ask).
  5. Avid sports fan.





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  1. Tehransuite - November 3, 2018 at 4:44 am Reply

    Cool post!
    I am really interested in traveling too 🙂
    Thanks again !

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