Smart social advice: Why you should comment on blogs

Over the past few years I’ve studied blogging. I’ve asked questions, joined forums and groups and have attended a number of training sessions and conferences around the globe. Blogging is big business, and there’s a whole wide world of blogs out there. Whether you are a blogger, just perusing or both, I wanted to share a [...]

How to write a Lonely Planet guide

This evening I was lucky enough to attend a seminar, How to write a Lonely Planet guide, hosted by Intrepid Travel and featuring acclaimed author, journalist and presenter, Frances Linzee Gordon. What she said: [true sentiments on ‘travel’] “Travel is addictive because of the adventure, self discovery, serendipity, fun, opportunities and stimulation that every day brings. Travel is like making [...]

How to pitch magazines for beginners – 4 easy steps

How to pitch magazines for beginners Another topic we brainstorm in Media Bootcamp is how to pitch magazines for beginners (or pitching to all other media, for that matter. It’s a similar process to how you might come up with regular blog or social media topics. While older students/communications employees learn varying tactics on this in university/college or [...]