Frenzied fans! Joey Essex for Nip+Fab

Joey Essex Nip+Fab

Today I went from being the little kid in the line waiting for an autograph (actually, I frequented these kinds of events!), to the “bossy lady who told us to move”.

Well, not exactly, but at the massive Westfield London event where I was assisting, some teenagers hugged me and said they loved me, while others gazed forlornly up at me with very long faces because they “got a photo but didn’t get an autograph” with a young guy called Joey Essex, from a popular reality series in the UK called The Only Way Is Essex (I’m told his surname is simply coincidental…).

I was lucky enough to be in the thick of it, helping my boss who is a total pro when it comes to dealing with photographers, raging fans, scoring that ‘perfect pic’ or set-up for the client and taking care of the guest of honour. Joey’s appearance at Westfield was arranged in conjunction with one of our skincare ranges, NIP + FAB, and judging by all the screaming teens and their parents who turned up, I’d say the day was a huge success. Apparently the term Joey would use to describe this exciting phenomenon is ‘reem’.


Manic media

crazy work

Sitting on a train with time to kill – my only ‘spare’ moment in over 7 days. It is nearly 8pm Friday night. I stopped for an after-work drink with a mate and now have taken a different, supposedly quicker (but definitely not) route home. As I cruise by unfamiliar suburbs of apartment blocks, car parks with kids kicking footballs and old pubs where contemporary people are downing end-of-week beverages (all under the London evening summer sun), I contemplate yet another surreal week.

And what a week it’s been in our busy press office. Manic, stressful, phones, emails, lists, press releases, samples, demands, journalists, bloggers, big stories and a sprinkling of celebrities thrown into the mix!

Basically from AM to PM it is like organised chaos. We are fortunate to work for some of the UK’s most popular brands right now, like NIP + FAB, First Aid Beauty, Skin Doctors and Spa Find, and this week we had meetings, training days, press launches as well as staff away sick and on annual leave! We broke several big stories (the biggest around an innovative £10 filler pen from NIP + FAB called Frown Fix which set the phones on fire. Tomorrow (Saturday) we are hosting what is turning out to be a fan-crazed appearance at Westfield London with an Only Way Is Essex celeb… 

And still ever more staff are sick or away. Not to worry because gift bags, paps, press and parking are all sorted and I’m ready to deal with an onslaught of crazy teens and media (I think). It’s not the same as being on hand for Johnny Depp (he only appeared at Westfield a week ago for the new Pirates of the Caribbean film) or Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon who were there for the premiere of Water For Elephants two weeks back, but it will be an experience all the same. To be working behind the scenes at a celebrity appearance is a new concept for me… usually I am the fan!
This week I even surprised myself by scoring a neat little piece of coverage for a £2 nail file in the national Observer Magazine (pictured), and a Tweet about above said crazy Westfield event on Cosmopolitanuk’s page to over 42,000 followers! Hopefully some of them will show up, which would mean I’ve done my job.

Manic, stressful, phones, emails, lists, press releases, samples, demands, journalists, bloggers, big stories and a sprinkling of celebrities… All survived with a smile. Well, most of the time 😉

Undiscovered London: Angel and Islington

One of the things I love most about living in a city like London is that every day you can find somewhere different to explore. Although this weekend has mirrored the past few – cloudy and windy with bursts of sunshine – we managed to catch a nice few hours this morning, so jumped on a bus just up the road, destination Angel / Islington.

Friends had often said this was a nice little part of the world, and they’re totally right! Perfect for a few hours out, morning coffee or evening drinks and tapas, the walk along the high street from Angel Tube to Highbury & Islington Tube (both Zone 2) is pleasant, filled with cute boutiques, delicatessens, clubs, bars, pubs including a few we want to head back to (a Japanese restaurant, Spanish tapas diner and a couple of Mexican stops too)! Reviews imminent… Long story short, this area is definitely worth a visit if you live in or are visiting the area.